Dear Valued Customer,

As a reminder to the notice sent last week, we at FORTH® are writing to inform you about important changes you must make to ensure your custom domain continues to operate properly.

Changes for Accounts with Custom Domains must be completed

no later than July 12, 2024, to avoid impacts to service.

DNS Changes

Domain Name System (DNS) changes will be required for customers using custom domains as part of the WAF implementation. The changes outlined below are necessary to ensure continued service and to ensure your access to the FORTH system remains secure:

To set up a custom hostname, all clients need to add a CNAME entry to their DNS, which authorizes Cloudflare to generate a “Let’s Encrypt” intermediate certificate on their behalf. This certificate is valid for ninety (90) days. You are required to leave that CNAME entry in the DNS permanently or you will lose access to the platform after 90 days. If the 90-day period passes, you will receive “Cipher Mismatch” errors when navigating to your custom URLs.

Example CNAME Entry

CNAME: _acme-challenge.[your-hostname] 

VALUE: [your-hostname]

Repeat this process for each subdomain if you have multiple sites

(e.g., a Portal and CRM site)

IMPORTANT: Subdomain CNAMEs for new and existing FORTH Clients should point to the DNS CNAME “”

Our Commitment

We understand the importance of maintaining seamless service delivery and assure you that our team is working diligently to ensure a smooth transition. Your security and satisfaction remain our highest priority throughout this process.

Next Steps for Accounts with Custom Domains

Preparation: Please inform your IT and technical teams about this update and the required DNS changes. Ensure they are prepared to make the necessary adjustments to your DNS settings.

Feedback: Your feedback during and after the implementation is crucial to us. Please do not hesitate to share any observations or issues you may encounter related to your custom domain setup.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we enhance our security measures to better protect your data and ensure a secure online environment. If you have any questions or require further clarification about your custom domain setup, please contact our customer support team at [email protected].

Thank you for choosing FORTH!